About Acadia

Acadia Windows & Doors LLC has been producing, manufacturing and selling windows and doors for over 70 years. Shortly after the end of WWII, in 1947 the company was founded in a garage on route 40 in Rosedale MD, a suburb of Baltimore. It continued a solid growth pattern in aluminum products while looking for new innovative ways to bring quality products to the customer. In 1973, during the very beginning of the vinyl window industry, Acadia saw the potential of this new material and invested in the materials, tooling and equipment to produce these wondrous new products. By the mid 80’s aluminum had taken a permanent back seat to vinyl and was soon to disappear altogether.

In 1990 Acadia became the supplier of windows and doors to the Island of Bermuda and was soon shipping several containers of windows and doors to them each month, something that continues to this day.

By 2000, Acadia entered the Multi-Family housing industry. They quickly established themselves as the leader in window and door replacement in apartment buildings and condominiums and are now recognized as the unsurpassed leader in Multi-Family housing windows and doors throughout the Middle Atlantic States and beyond.

The next step in the company’s continued growth pattern occurred in 2014, with the creation of Acadia Residential. Acadia Residential takes the very same products that have been strengthened and built to extraordinary standards for multi-family housing and makes them available to the individual homeowners in Maryland and surrounding states. You can find more information on this area of Acadia under the tab “For Your Home.”

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