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Acadia is best described by the things we will not do:

  • Acadia will not compromise the quality of the compounds required to produce premium vinyl products.
  • Acadia will not design products that will be an after market liability for our customers.
  • Acadia will not provide commodity rated products and services for the markets we serve.

We believe our customers trust us to look out for their best interest and we honor that trust everyday.

Never Settle

Job Site - Field Operations

Minimizing The Impact On Your Management and Residents

The Acadia installer and contractor base makes every effort to minimize the impact of a major renovation on the community management team and residents. Acadia understands that keeping residents happy is essential so managers can stay focused on higher priority issues. We also work closely with your maintenance team to make sure that they are aware of what is being done and are trained for future repairs.

JobSite-4Acadia will move a trailer on site to keep materials and tools in one place and out of sight, and will be sure to keep the work areas clean for your staff and your residents.

JobSite-3Acadia will locate equipment, worker transportation, materials, tools, and any other necessary items as far away as possible from primary and reserved parking areas to minimize the impact on residents and guests.
JobSite-2Acadia’s crews do a thorough clean up at the end of every workday to minimize any negative impact of renovation on residents and management team.
JobSite-1Acadia’s proprietary project management process focuses on specific tasks that must be satisfactorily completed within a specific time period in an effort to limit the time residents and workers are affected by the renovations.