Our sliding and swing doors exceed code requirements and offer energy-efficiency and beauty with an incredible number of options for complete customization. Acadia's proprietary vinyl compounding, structurally engineered framing, superior glass packages and hardware ensure long-lasting reliability and durability.

Proprietary Vinyl and Engineering

  • Exceed industry standards set by AAMA, an independent laboratory with no affiliations to manufacturers or suppliers of vinyl products
  • Sturdy construction and insulating qualities of Acadia vinyl reduce heat and cold transfer, protects from water and air infiltration and dramatically reduces noise pollution.
  • Guaranteed not to rust, peel, chip or need painting

Acadia Glass

  • All doors come standard with tempered, double-strength insulated glass units and soft coat Low-E Argon Gas
  • Enviro Sealed Window Spacer contains no metal, thereby reducing heat and cold transfer and the likelihood of seal failure.
  • Endless grid options for a completely customizable design
  • Optional internal blinds may be added for extra privacy.
  • Obscure and laminated glass packages available.