Are Your Existing Windows Costing You Money?

Replacing your windows can benefit your commercial establishment in a variety of ways—it can enhance the overall look of your establishment; improve the amount of light and airflow entering your building; aid in cleaning, maintenance and window operation and elevate your building’s energy efficiency. In other words, investing in window replacements now can save you money long-term, as energy bills and maintenance fees can be greatly reduced by choosing modern, energy-efficient designs. Here, the window suppliers at Acadia Windows & Doors detail why you should consider replacing your commercial establishment’s outdated windows.

How Do I Know if My Windows Need Replacing?

There a few signs that can indicate whether your windows may be in need of replacement. For instance, if you can feel warm air entering through your windows in the summer, or cold air entering in the winter, that may indicate your windows are no longer providing adequate insulation. In addition, while condensation on the outside of your windows indicates that the windows are working properly, fog existing between the window panes is the greatest indicator of a compromised insulated glass unit. If you notice condensation collecting in between the panes of your windows, your windows may need replacing.

Here is a quick and easy trick to test whether your windows may be in need of replacement: on a windy day, hold a lit candle near your window. If the flame moves, flickers or goes out entirely, your windows may have a draft that may be increasing your energy costs. It is important to stay mindful of these indicators and regularly stay ahead of window maintenance, in order to catch any window complications before they drastically affect your energy bill.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows with Vinyl Windows?

Here at Acadia Windows & Doors, we manufacture, install and service vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are a superior window replacement option and an excellent alternative to wood framed windows. Vinyl windows offer better insulation and require minimal maintenance such as painting or staining. They  are highly versatile and offer the greatest range of sizes, styles and customizations compared to other replacement window options and can, therefore, be easily personalized to fit your unique preferences. In addition to versatility, vinyl windows have a wide price range to suit almost any budget.

Replace Your Commercial Windows With Acadia Windows and Doors

While you may be able to prolong your windows’ lifespan by replacing broken window panes or fixing loose or missing weather stripping pieces, you are only delaying the inevitable. Faulty windows can account for one-third of all total heat lost in the winter and as much as three-fourths of the heat gained in the summer, especially in older buildings—that is why you should consider replacing your windows with Acadia Windows & Doors, who have provided quality vinyl window installation for over 70 years. For more information on how the window suppliers at Acadia Windows & Doors can provide you with durable and long-lasting vinyl replacement windows, contact us today.

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