High Performance Products

Manufacturing windows and doors in a newly renovated state-of-the-art 65,000 square foot factory in Baltimore, Maryland, Acadia Windows & Doors Inc. is recognized as a major player in the renovation and new construction window and door business in the Mid-Atlantic region and East Coast of the United States.

Beginning with aluminum storm products in 1947, Acadia Windows & Doors has evolved with changing technologies through aluminum windows and patio doors into the highest rated PVC products available, producing some of the best engineered and most durable vinyl door and window products in the industry today.

Proprietary Design

Acadia approaches the window and door manufacturing business differently than most other fabricators, while the current trend is to significantly reduce vinyl and features to meet volume and pricing demands, Acadia is adding structural features at a competitive value with the benefit of proprietary engineering, high tech manufacturing equipment and lean (and Green) manufacturing processes.
  • We fabricate to a more exacting standard resulting in consistently higher performing products when testing for design pressure, forced entry, air infiltration and water infiltration.
  • Our standard all stainless steel operating hardware (not offered by the majority of window and door fabricators) yields years of trouble free operation of our windows. This is also an available option on all our door products.
  • Our standard use of proprietary designed structural reinforcing and spacer bars sets us apart from the competition and allows Acadia products to meet curtain-wall and high-rise design standards. These are just some of the higher quality features with long-term benefits that we are committed to bring our customer/partners. From energy savings to curb appeal, the legendary performance of Acadia Windows & Doors delivers customer satisfaction year after year after year.